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St Hildie's Divine Barware - Rose Quartz Cocktail Stones - Set of 3

  • $29.00

Add a little love to your cocktail hour.

Rose Quartz is a pale pink quartz that is connected with love and compassion. Once chilled in the freezer, our perfectly smooth spheres keep your cocktails chilled without diluting them.

A beautiful addition to magic hour, these cocktail stones add a little something special to your glass. Cheers*



• Approximately 20-25 mm each

• Set contains 3 stones and a small linen bag for storage. 

• This set makes a lovely gift.



Pop these stones in the freezer for at least an hour or two. Once chilled, gently place one stone in each glass before pouring St Hildie's over to fill your cup. Now raise your glass, make a toast if you like, and sip, sip away.