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Frequently asked questions

St Hildie's are not certified organic, but we use many organic ingredients (noted on each flavor's page as well as on the cans).

We ferment our own proprietary alcohol from 100% organic Cane sugar. While this adds NO sugar to our drinks, we are able to make the purest form of fermented alcohol and source the best ingredients.

Yes, we ship to most states!

We give 1% of each can to Health in Harmony. We did a bunch of research and found Health in Harmony to be one of the most effective organizations at implementing their mission.

They are women and LGBTQ founded, and creative and driven with their programming. They help rainforest communities thrive, and in turn, those communities protect the rainforest and participate in reforestation efforts.

They are worth a rabbit hole and a donation. Check them out here.

We are currently distributed in California and Utah. Check our store locator here.

We also ship!