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St Hildie’s Repurposed Canvas Tote

  • $111.00

St Hildie's totes are made-to-order from reclaimed vintage pup tents, and feature patchwork canvas construction. Each one is made upon order, completely unique, and expertly constructed  with superior quality materials & thorough stitching. Our tote ensures high durability for heavy-duty use (i.e., plenty of Hildie's). 


Extra-large shopping bags for women with 2x straps that were created with woven cotton (and attention to detail). Adding an extra, luxurious touch of style along with enhancing your bag’s durability, the woven canvas straps make a world of difference.


Our canvas handbags feature a spacious interior that makes for maximum convenience. Can carry laptops, folders, books, clothes, or anything you may need throughout your day. Bags are approximately 16" x 16", with 10" strap hang. 


Our totes were created to reduce fashion waste in landfills. By making these totes to order from repurposed fabrics, we are making a tiny, but significant move to take care of our Mother. Yep, Earth, and she's the only one we've got. 

Many brands will bulk produce merch with a keen and penetrating eye towards the bottom line. We simply want to do things differently.